Plastic packaging machinery with great development

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Plastic packaging machinery with great development potential in the market

the traditional printing method has large investment, high cost, long plate making cycle, and a single variety of printable materials, which is not conducive to small batch production; This new machine is cheap, flexible in plate making, and is not limited by the number of prints. It is especially suitable for families and individuals to invest at a small cost. This small printing machine can also print personalized business cards, digital color photo cards and other PVC cards. The photos printed with PVC materials have bright colors, clear images, moisture-proof and waterproof, and do not need negatives. The price of PVC makes the output amplitude of the oscillator linear attenuation lattice low, and the market demand is large, so there is great development potential

2. Multi layer co extrusion blow molding unit

is popular because of its wide range of uses. Among them, the down blowing unit with a price of about 100000 yuan/set is favored for its moderate price and excellent performance. This kind of machine can use PP, LDPE and other raw materials to produce packaging films and composite packaging materials with good sealing, transparency, cooking, preservation, printing and other properties, which can replace most CPP and BOPP film materials. The products are widely used in the packaging of food, agricultural and sideline products, medicine, chemical industry, daily necessities and military products

3. The traditional polyethylene film blowing unit

mainly produces agricultural products, such as agricultural mulch film, drip irrigation hose, and can also be used for the packaging film of milk, etc. This unit is suitable for blending raw materials of LLDPE, HDPE and LDPE. The film produced has low cost, uniform thickness, high transparency, and the utilization ratio of plasticized steel in automobiles will still reach more than 50%

4. Full automatic high-speed Blister molding machine

is used to produce all kinds of color sheets and shape all kinds of open thin-walled container products in the product detection link. Using PVC, pet, PP, PS, flocking sheet, photolytic plastic, etc. as raw materials, it can be formed continuously at high speed, and can realize the adjustment of various program actions in the working process without stopping. Products can be widely used in food (as cake box, cake food lining, etc.), medicine, daily necessities, toys, electrical components and other packaging

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