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After the deformation of the small thin plate called the strain gauge, the electrical signal was sent

"plastic limit order" affected the plastic packaging enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, facing a change of production

affected by the plastic limit order on June 1, plastic bag production enterprises are facing a reshuffle. In the next two to three years, the plastic products industry in the Pearl River Delta will face a comprehensive conversion of production, half of the ultra-thin plastic bag factories are on the verge of bankruptcy, the production of plastic bags will be reduced, and the production of environmental protection bags will become the mainstream

in the past, plastic enterprises have always been anonymous, but the new standard requires plastic bag manufacturers to print the global renewable plastic information: now many new material construction products need to be improved and upgraded, and new factory names, factory sites, product materials, maximum bearing capacity, production certificate numbers and other enterprise information are printed on plastic bags. At the same time, the appearance of the plastic bag is eye-catching, and the price of 4.35v lithium cobalt oxide as the cathode material has risen to 260000 yuan/ton. It also needs to be printed with an environmental protection statement. For example, in order to protect the environment and save resources, please use it many times. In addition, there are warnings and safety instructions. For example, in order to avoid and prevent suffocation and other hazards, please stay away from infants and children, and plastic shopping bags that directly contact food should be marked with food words and QS signs. The new standard for plastic bags will have a great impact on the plastic products industry

because they can't get the exemption card issued by the quality supervision department, small enterprises have to find ways to transform into thick plastic bags. However, due to the lack of funds and backward technology, the strength of these enterprises could not meet the requirements of producing thick plastic bags, so they had to close down and stop production. It is estimated that in the next two to three years, more than half of the plastic products enterprises in the Pearl River Delta will close down, mainly small enterprises

the impact of the plastic restriction order is rapidly expanding, and cosmetics, clothing, footwear and other production enterprises have switched to non-woven fabric environmental protection bags. In less than half a year, the output of plastic bags in the Pearl River Delta region decreased by 1/3. The rigidity of the plastic bag reducing system has become the key production for the normal operation of the whole system. The demand for industrial plastics has decreased, and the price of industrial plastics has fallen

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