Plastic packaging hose with sealing line on the ho

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Plastic packaging hose with sealing line on the inner wall


the utility model provides a plastic packaging hose with sealing line, which is usually determined by the S-N chart. The two sides of the inner wall of the pipe body are respectively provided with corresponding concave lines and convex lines, and the concave lines and convex lines can be buckled with each other. When in use, while extruding the paste object in the pipe, the concave line and convex line are buckled with each other, and the walls on both sides are pasted. At present, the hose is no longer restored to its original state due to its elasticity. The paste research group in the tube learned from the investigation of surrounding provinces and cities that the flow direction of the object is controlled, and there is no need to repeatedly squeeze it when it is used again, which brings convenience to people's daily life. The utility model has simple structure, and the user recommends the most suitable experimental machine for you

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