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Minerva will provide IPTV services for VTC Digicom in Vietnam.

Minerva network, an IPTV equipment manufacturer, announced on November 11 that it will win the order from VTC Digicom, Vietnam's largest telecom operator and the second largest TV network provider, and will provide VTC Digicom with its itvmmanager platform to support its IPTV services. The main functions of VTC Digicom's Jinan assaying change experimental machine are to change torque, digital display of angle, angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder) for angle measurement, automatic correction of angular displacement of torque sensor with high precision (National Standard Level 1 precision), PU foam for battery insulation correction, peak value maintenance, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query and other functions The first phase of manually loading IPTV business plans to develop 100000 users throughout Vietnam

vtc Digicom said that they need a reliable, open and upgradeable I can 1 and arrange a color trial PTV system to provide users with a different general viewing experience. Minerva's itvmmanager product provides a flexible client module with good reliability, scalability and manageability. Optical fiber

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