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Taking advantage of the trend of a century old store, Mingfeng packaging has grown from a small factory producing packaging boxes in 1989 to one of the top 100 packaging enterprises in China in 2012 (ranking first in bamboo and wood). In the field of high-end special art packaging boxes, Dongguan Mingfeng packaging products manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been highly praised by high-end customers. After more than 20 years of honing and tempering, Mingfeng packaging has made new breakthroughs in the research, development and application of new packaging designs, new materials, new products and new technologies with heart as its culture, manufacturing as its backing and R & D as its support

innovate with heart, and the steel pressure with a certain shape is endless. Following the official commencement of Mingfeng packaging, printing R & D and manufacturing projects, Mingfeng packaging launched high-end printing folding boxes at Chengdu sugar and Wine Fair in April, officially launching the strategy of creating high-end special art packaging boxes and printing folding boxes. In the future, the R & D, design and production scale of high-end special art packaging boxes and high-end printing folding boxes will increase several times. The relevant person in charge of Mingfeng packaging is revising the method of connecting the tensile testing machine 1 Revision of the pneumatic value of the tensile testing machine (tensile machine): after entering the computer program, I said excitedly when opening the revision interface in an interview. We will provide customers with diversified one-stop solutions based on special art products, green products and creative products, and take careful design, careful manufacturing, careful quality, attentive service and sincere win-win as our corporate purpose, so as to create great value and surprise for customers in society and related industries

follow the concept of green development

in order to adapt to the world trend of environmental protection, Mingfeng packaging vigorously develops the green environmental protection industry, and seizing the market with environmental protection packaging will be the theme of the packaging industry. At present, Mingfeng packaging has broken through the green barriers of the European Union and North America in the application of environmental protection materials, and has unique advantages. The high-end printing folding box launched by Mingfeng packaging this time follows the concept of green development, circular development and low-carbon development in terms of the current product structure, production mode and simple lifestyle of box packaging products, forms a spatial pattern of saving resources and protecting the environment for elegant packaging products, and achieves simple but elegant packaging from the source. In addition, Mingfeng packaging has also launched two patented technologies, the unique identity recognition high-end anti-counterfeiting packaging based on the invisible code technology and the local grating free stereo printing high-end anti-counterfeiting packaging, providing a unique and professional anti-counterfeiting high-tech means for the anti-counterfeiting of high-end packaging

in addition to its own advantages, Mingfeng packaging launched the high-end printing folding box this time, which was jointly launched by Mingfeng packaging and printing with a century old American packaging and printing enterprise. This is a century old Haber folding box Co., Ltd. located on the east coast of the United States. The company has always been regarded as an innovative leader in customized high-end packaging folding boxes! Mingfeng packaging and 4. Keep the experimental machine clean every day. It carries out multi-dimensional cooperation in the design, process, new materials, equipment, digital manufacturing and market of folding box packaging products! Ming Feng packaging related person in charge said

paper packaging has a broad prospect

from 2004 to 2014, the global sales of folding cartons have been growing, especially since 2009

this is a huge market. With our advantages and the advantages of our century old enterprise, our partner, the overall solution provider of folding boxes in the United States, we can certainly make high-end printing folding boxes the same as high-end specialty packaging, and become the first choice for high-end packaging enterprises all over the world. Finally, the dual engine pattern of high-end special art packaging box and high-end printing folding box Mingfeng packaging will be realized. The relevant person in charge of Mingfeng packaging said when talking about the market development of high-end printing folding boxes

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