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Mingfeng packaging pioneered bamboo plastic composite technology

during the Spring Festival, with the sale of gold jewelry, a new packaging material also quietly rose and was sought after by people. This new material is the bamboo plastic composite material pioneered by Dongguan Mingfeng packaging products manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mingfeng packaging). Huangwencong, general manager of Mingfeng packaging, said in an interview with CCTV that the orders of Mingfeng packaging this year increased by 30% year-on-year, showing a good trend of growth

it is understood that this technology is one of the achievements of the production university research cooperation project between Mingfeng packaging engineering technology research and development center and a famous domestic university to enhance its competitiveness. This new composite material mainly uses plant fiber bamboo powder or wood powder and a small amount of new or recycled plastic as raw materials, assisted by an appropriate amount of processing aids, and is made into the final product through a series of processes. According to industry insiders, bamboo fiber is one of the best raw materials as structural materials in plants. Through the composite treatment with waste plastics, it can be made into degradable green biological materials, which further promotes the development trend of traditional plastics to new green environmental protection materials As a widely used and degradable biomaterial, wood plastic composites have been developed worldwide in recent years. Scientists have developed degradable materials that can 3D print orthopedic implants. Previously, developed countries such as the United States and Japan were the most active in the field of technology research and development, but subject to the source of raw materials, large-scale industrial production has not yet been formed

Mingfeng packaging takes the lead in domestic counterparts, breaks through the green barriers of the European Union and North America, and pioneers this technology, which is applied to the production of packaging boxes. Experiments show that this technology can make carbon/Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) composite thermal elements form complex components by welding with resistance composite welding elements, so that the packaging box can be completely degraded and recycled, and the environmental protection is greatly improved. Moreover, the price of this material is not high, which is almost the same as that of conventional non environmental protection packaging boxes. It is understood that at present, the technology has obtained the authorization of invention patents, and has the conditions for mass production. Huang Wencong, general manager of Mingfeng packaging, said that the application of this technology will be a revolution in the packaging industry. He also said that orders have increased significantly this year. This technology "has great opportunities for young people and needs to accelerate the pace to complete the comprehensive promotion this year

as soon as the news that Mingfeng packaging is about to launch bamboo plastic environmental protection packaging came out, it attracted the attention of all sectors of society and was favored by many enterprises. Wang Chunli, general manager of Caibai company, a nationally renowned gold jewelry specialty company, also said that he was very happy to contribute to the cause of environmental protection and proposed that all customized packaging boxes in the future would be made of new environmental protection materials

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