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German foreign investors are optimistic about China's high-quality pharmaceutical packaging market

China's State Food and Drug Administration recently launched a nationwide high-standard procedure to audit drug primary packaging suppliers. Manufacturers must accept a series of strict material and processing quality inspections before taking the road of alloying development to launch products to the market. Industry experts believe that the generation of static electricity will bring a lot of harm to our experimental machine. The intention of the state is very obvious. It is to improve the quality of drug packaging products by setting high standards. Researchers have been asked to find ways to improve the performance of fibers. This regulation is also welcomed by foreign companies, who believe that it will promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Chinese market. Bernhardelsener, vice president of global sales and marketing of pharmaceutical packaging of Schott group in Germany, said: This is good news for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, because high-quality pharmaceutical packaging means that it can not only protect drugs from damage, but also facilitate drug storage. It is reported that Schott pharmaceutical packaging's factory in Suzhou has obtained the license of China's State Food and drug administration to manufacture and provide ampoules and vials for customers in China's pharmaceutical industry. The new pharmaceutical packaging factory is affiliated to Schott glass technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which was established in 2002. According to eisenard, fiolax typeI borosilicate glass used by Suzhou pharmaceutical packaging factory is a high-quality glass that meets international standards such as USP USP, EP European Pharmacopoeia and JP Japanese Pharmacopoeia. Eisenard said that the Suzhou factory was built according to the group's unified standards, with cutting-edge production equipment, visual monitoring system, professional dust-free clean room and orderly production environment, and complied with GMP norms. He believes that foreign companies' entry into China's pharmaceutical packaging market will bring global R & D know-how and production experience, and promote the development of China's high-end market

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