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Analysis of the development status of the laser industry the domestic market has a huge consumption demand

laser is the light generated by artificially exciting specific substances with strong energy such as light or discharge. Since 1960, mankind successfully manufactured the world's first laser, the laser equipment industry has developed rapidly. At present, lasers have been widely used in cutting, marking, precision metal welding and other links; It involves many industry-level application fields, such as machinery, automobile, aviation, steel, shipbuilding, electronic manufacturing, military industry, etc

with the continuous progress of technology, the application field of laser technology continues to expand. The materials suitable for laser processing include metals and alloys, plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, leather, resin, rubber, etc. while they are widely used in industrial processing fields such as marking, engraving, cutting, welding, drilling, cladding, micromachining and surface modification, they are also used in information communication data storage, medical beauty, scientific research, military Instrument sensing, display, additive manufacturing and other emerging fields

according to the different gain media, lasers can be mainly divided into liquid lasers, gas lasers, semiconductor lasers and solid-state lasers. Among them, fiber laser refers to the laser using rare earth element doped glass fiber as the gain medium: when the pump light passes through the fiber, the rare earth ions in the fiber absorb the pump light, and their electrons are excited to a higher excitation level, realizing the ion number inversion. The inverted particles are transferred from the high-energy level to the ground state by radiation, and the laser is output. Diode light-emitting technology is mature, semiconductor products are produced in large quantities, and the marginal cost has decreased significantly. Optical fiber can minimize beam dissipation and increase output efficiency

developed countries such as Europe and the United States first began to use lasers and occupied a large market share for a long time. With the transfer of global manufacturing to developing countries, the market share of the laser industry in the Asia Pacific region has increased rapidly. In the process of manufacturing upgrading, developing countries gradually use laser equipment to replace traditional equipment. The strong demand for lasers is one of the main driving forces of the global laser industry market at present. According to the analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic planning of the laser industry released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the revenue scale of the global laser industry continued to grow in, from $8.97 billion in 2013 to $12.43 billion in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.50%. With the development of high-power laser technology, including polycarbonate, polystyrene, TPU, pet, PBA, polyvinyl alcohol, which can also use its high hiding power to replace part of titanium dioxide, polyformaldehyde and replaceable bioplastics, transparent materials, flexible materials and additive manufacturing technology, it is estimated that one furnace of steel is 150 tons, and the laser industry will continue to grow rapidly in the future

lasers are widely used, mainly including material processing, communication, scientific research and military, medical treatment and beauty, instruments and sensors, optical storage, display, printing and other fields. Among them, lasers used in laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, additive manufacturing, semiconductor display, laser detection and other applications are collectively referred to as industrial lasers

in recent years, the global industrial laser market has maintained rapid growth. The global industrial laser revenue increased from $2.487 billion in 2013 to $4.314 billion in 2017, with an annual compound growth rate of 14.76 and power supply voltage of AC220V 50hz6%. Since 2015, the growth rate of industrial laser market scale has gradually accelerated, with the growth rates of market scale in the last three years being 8.93%, 19.36% and 26.10% respectively

in 2016, there were more than 60 laser Enterprises above Designated Size in China, covering the whole industrial chain from upstream laser crystals and laser core devices to midstream lasers and downstream laser equipment

China's laser industry market started late, but with the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, China's laser industry has achieved rapid development in recent years. China is an active manufacturing market and the main market of industrial laser equipment. Affected by macroeconomic development, industrial upgrading of manufacturing industry, national policy support and other factors, China's industrial laser industry has become one of the industries of great concern, and the market has developed rapidly. In 2015, China replaced Europe as the largest consumer market for lasers for the first time, with the market size growing to about $2.8 billion, accounting for about 29% of the global market size

China's laser market is large and growing rapidly. Facing the growing market demand for lasers, domestic laser manufacturers have increased their R & D and production efforts. However, due to the lack of domestic production capacity and product quality differences, the number of domestic enterprises importing lasers from Europe and the United States is increasing

before 2007, although domestic universities, research institutes and other units carried out a lot of research work in the field of fiber lasers and made many achievements, the industrialization and productization of domestic fiber lasers are still blank, and almost all industrial fiber lasers rely on imports. Since 2007, with the support of national industrial policies and the R & D investment of laser enterprises, the domestic fiber laser industry has developed rapidly. At present, there are more than ten fiber laser enterprises

with the enhancement of the comprehensive strength of domestic fiber laser enterprises, the power and performance of domestic fiber lasers have been gradually improved. At present, the power of industrialized fiber lasers has reached the level of 10000 watts. In 2016, China's low-power fiber laser market has been occupied by domestic enterprises, and the market share of domestic enterprises is as high as 85%; In the medium power fiber laser market, domestic enterprises have the same market share as foreign enterprises; In the high-power fiber laser market, some domestic products have been sold. Domestic fiber lasers have gradually realized the transformation from relying on imports to self-development, replacing imports to exports

in addition, in recent years, China's laser processing equipment industry has shown a trend from "digital automation" to "intelligence". In the next few years, the application hot fields of China's laser industry will include laser cleaning (paint removal, oil removal, oxide layer removal, screw cleaning, rust removal, weld cleaning, mold repair, etc.), laser welding, ultrafast pulse picosecond/femtosecond laser applications, etc

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