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German general talks about the future fighter of Europe: matching UAV configuration and customization

original title: German general talks about the future fighter of Europe: matching UAV configuration and customization

reference news on November 16, according to the U.S. Defense station on November 14, Germany may devote itself to the same level of experimental aircraft and jointly carry out a plan with France to build a new fighter for Europe by 2040, But don't expect the German government to take any drastic or sudden measures

it is reported that this is an important message sent by brigadier general Gerald funk, who is responsible for supervising the planning of Germany's future air combat system, to the leaders of the national defense industry

fengke said at the international fighter industry conference, "don't believe anyone who says they can predict the characteristics of air combat systems in 2040." This statement means that Germany is expected to finish the design phase of the envisaged weapon system as long as possible before moving towards production

the picture shows the imagination of the European future fighter.

the experimental operation and data processing of the hydraulic universal experimental machine for teaching in fengke pre colleges and universities meet the requirements of gb/t228.1 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature". Funds will flow to the project from 2019, and the plan related to the weapon system will be improved through preliminary conceptual research at the session

according to the report, it is still unknown what this new fighter will look like. Autonomy will be an important feature of it and its supporting UAVs, but it will never reach the extent that human beings will no longer participate in target strike activities. Officials hope it can have a high degree of interoperability with its allies' aircraft and weapons, even older aircraft and weapons; In addition, it can easily transfer data between allies. Fengke said that cost will also be an important consideration, especially in Germany, which includes both the cost of purchasing the system and the cost of operating it

popular words such as "Modularity" and "software" are also important prerequisites for developers. This means that the air force ultimately hopes to have a basic aircraft configuration that can be quickly adjusted according to specific mission needs, such as for attack, reconnaissance purposes, or causing some kind of network damage to future enemies

fengke said that for Germany, a high degree of "customizability" is a necessary feature

[extended reading] gusty wind rolls the mat! French army exposes the actual combat video of "Rafale" fighters

recently, the French naval aviation corps released the latest combat video about the "Rafale" m fighter force. This atlas will give you a brief analysis. The picture shows the moment when the "gust" m with the "SCAP" (SCA and its arithmetic mean LP EG) cruise missile is launched from the aircraft carrier at night

"Rafale" m is a carrier based fighter developed by Dassault company of France for the French navy, which is famous for its design of delta wing fighters. The picture shows the dynamic picture of the French Navy's "Rafale" m fighter jet taking off and hitting the is target

"Rafale" m was put into service in the French navy in 2001, and was put into actual combat in Afghanistan for the first time in 2002. After that, he successively participated in the multinational air raid on Libya in 2011, the "serval" operation of the French army against Mali in 2013, and the is extremist armed anti-terrorism operation against Syria and Iraq since 2014. He has performed well in many actual battles. The figure shows the detailed technical parameters of the Rafale fighter

"gust" m flies over the data map of the "Charles de Gaulle" nuclear aircraft carrier, and four AASM "hammer" air to ground missiles are mounted under both wings

"gust" m aircraft group flew to Syria to air raid is target data map, taken in September 2015

the power core of "gust" is composed of two SNECMA m turbofan engines with a maximum thrust of 75.62 kn. A more advanced m is under development, which can further reduce fuel consumption and improve the low altitude penetration flight performance of "gust". The figure shows the sectional structure of "gust" B (air force two seat type)

"gust" has a powerful weapon system. In addition to a 30mm giat30 revolver gun (with a maximum firing speed of 2500 rounds per minute and 125 bullets in reserve) as a fixed weapon, there are 14 external storage points under the main wing and fuselage of the "Rafale" air force type (B, c) (13 for the Navy M type), which can carry a total of 9.5 tons of various air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons and ammunition. The picture shows the ground weapon display of gust C

"gust" m has a maximum level flight speed of Mach 1.8 and a maximum operational radius of 1852 km. This fully external CG diagram lists all the equipment that "Rafale" can mount, from air-to-air, air to ground, anti-ship missiles, precision guided munitions, standoff attack weapons, long-range air launched nuclear cruise missiles, to "Damocles" photoelectric targeting pod and partner refueling pod. The rich mounting collocation highlights the excellent multi-purpose performance of "Rafale"

in 2016, the French Navy's Rafale m fighter launched the "scarp" standoff attack cruise missile in Iraq for the first time, destroying several is extremist armed ammunition depots and strongholds in the local targets. The picture shows the video screenshot of "gust" m launching cruise missiles taken by the friendly military aircraft aiming at the pod

the video screenshot of the cruise missile hitting the is target in Iraq taken by the aiming pod mounted by the "Rafale" m fighter

in addition to conventional air to ground weapons, "Rafale" also has the ability to carry tactical nuclear weapons. In the figure, an asmp-a long-range supersonic nuclear cruise missile is mounted on the belly of the aircraft. The missile has a maximum flight speed of Mach 3 and a maximum range of more than 500 kilometers, and can carry a tn81 tactical nuclear warhead of 300000 tons of TNT equivalent

dynamic diagram of "Rafale" fighter refueling in the air

according to the future plan of the French army, the "Rafale" fighters will work together with the "neuron" unmanned fighters. At that time, the combat effectiveness of the "Rafale" may be doubled, especially in the theater where the enemy's air defense system is relatively tight, the "neuron" unmanned fighters can be used as the vanguard aircraft to "break the door", and then the manned "Rafale" fighters can enter and continue to expand the results. The picture shows the flight data of "gust" m and "neuron" unmanned combat aircraft formation

"gust" m and "neuron" UAV formation flight dynamic diagram

the picture shows the formation of "gust" m manned fighters and "neuron" unmanned fighters flying over the nuclear aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle"

in the latest promotional film released by Dassault in 2014, the "Rafale" fighter, the "neuron" unmanned fighter and the "Falcon" business aircraft formation flew for the first time, showing the future development direction of "Rafale", that is, manned fighter and unmanned fighter cooperated

"gust" m from the pilot's selfie perspective, it can be seen that two "gust" m separate from the formation on the left and right sides

the picture shows "Rafale" taking a group photo with several other legal civil aircraft and fighter formations

the picture shows the Rafale fighter plane flying over a city in Syria on a night in October 2014, which participated in the multinational force's air raid on the Islamic state extremist organization base


[extended reading] take a shower after the fighter plane lands! It can prevent body corrosion and prolong life.

we have seen bathing tanks before. In fact, fighter planes also need to wash after low-altitude flight (or sea flight), because chlorine salts in low-altitude atmosphere and sulfides in industrial exhaust gas will deposit on the body surface, causing corrosion, reducing the body life of aircraft, Taking a shower after each flight mission has become a standard procedure. The research team carried out coherent load experiments in an empty laboratory, for which the U.S. military has an image called "bird bath". The picture shows the U.S. f-15c fighter aircraft returning from the "brave shield 2018" military exercise recently, carrying out the "bird bath" operation

before passing through the special "shower door", f-15c also opens the reducer on the back of the machine to ensure that every part of the machine body is fully flushed

the picture shows the f-15c fighter after passing through the "shower door", with a rhythm of passing through the "water curtain hole"

it is also a B-1B bomber returning from the "brave shield 2018" military exercise. Due to its large size, it cannot pass through the "shower door" that only small aircraft such as fighter aircraft can pass through. However, there is a special large-scale washing system in the base, which is specially used for large bombers, transport aircraft and other aircraft types

B-2 stealth bomber in "bird bath" operation

the b-52h bomber carrying out the "bird bath" operation was very spectacular

7 in terms of wingspan and fuselage length alone, the b-52h should be the largest combat aircraft in active service of the US air force

8 the latest f-35a stealth fighter is no exception

in addition to fixed wing fighters, naval helicopters also need to take a "bird bath" after performing tasks, such as the mh-60r helicopter in the figure

C-130J tactical transport aircraft for "bird bath" operation

kf-16 fighter of the Korean Air Force carrying out "bird bath" operations

hh-60 "paving Eagle" search and rescue helicopter for "bird bath" operation

KC-135 fuel dispenser for "bird bath" operation

MV-22 "Osprey" transport aircraft for "bird bath" operation

P-3C anti submarine patrol aircraft for "bird bath" operation

P-3C in the "bird bath" from another angle

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