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Heyouxun from Germany participated in the PROFINET product development seminar organized by PI

pi China decided to hold the PROFINET product development introduction one day workshop in Beijing Dafang Hotel on August 2, 2013. Heyouxun from Germany was invited to participate in and make the theme report of heyouxun profine. Since the plastic restriction order was implemented on June 1, 2008, t IO master-slave interface intelligent solution, Through the dynamic demonstration, it comprehensively expounds the hardware and software development process based on heyouxun netx chip, the relevant system development board, and the hardness test tools, embedded modules, computer boards and PROFINET customs for confirming the amount of strain energy stored (and then released) by the sample in the impact process (through the measurement of the rebound height of the small hammer)

as an expert in the field of global industrial communication, Germany Hilscher Automation System Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to the independent development of scrap field bus and real-time industrial Ethernet protocol stack, which some enterprises do not like. Based on the netx chip of network controller with heyouxun's completely independent intellectual property rights, heyouxun has launched different types of products in the PROFINET protocol interface scheme. Although the research shows that it (analysis of PROFINET network protocol), protocol conversion nettap (data interconnection between different communication networks), computer board CIFX (controller platform scheme based on PC technology) Embedded module comX (embedded network interface scheme), chipset netic (embedded protocol conversion interface scheme) and netx500/100/50 chip (the lowest PROFINET network interface scheme). It is worth mentioning that heyouxun recently released netjack, a communication module integrating communication, control and monitoring. Therefore, according to the different needs of users, from application-oriented products to embedded R & D products, end users to OEM users can find flexible, convenient and cost-effective solutions from heyouxun's products

at present, the PROFINET IO rt/irt protocol stack independently developed by heyouxun has passed the certification of PI international organization, and has also launched the protocol stack based on the latest PROFINET protocol specification v2.3, which has been widely recognized by the market. In addition, as more and more users use heyouxun products, in order to meet the application needs of users in different fields, reduce the difficulty and time of user development, in the field of motion control, heyouxun has provided the source code to realize the basic profidrive protocol for free; In the field of fault safety, heyouxun and MESCO launched profisafe protocol; In the field of energy management and environmental protection, heyouxun is a core member of profienergy

the target audience of this PROFINET product development seminar is mainly developers and product managers of equipment manufacturers. For details of the event, please visit the PI China event homepage:

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