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Germany heyouxun released a full range of industrial interconnection (IOT) products

driven by industry 4.0 and the hard journey of manufacturing services in China 2025, the global industrial communication expert Hilscher 1 Experimental power officially launched its full range of industrial interconnection (IOT) products at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, on November 24, 2015

heyouxun put forward the communication concept from multi protocol chips to a variety of cloud servers at the SPS exhibition. Industry 4.0 and industrial interconnection are the fourth industrial revolution, which requires continuous communication from sensors to cloud servers. Heyouxun calls it industrial cloud communication and provides the latest technology and related products of netiot

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Industrial cloud communication is based on industry 4.0 or industrial interconnection. It transmits real-time Ethernet data, collects and compresses it in the netiot switch, and then transmits it to a higher-level cloud server. Through the existing netproxy technology of heyouxun, manufacturers can define their device data and transmit it to the netiot interface. Users can map different industrial Ethernet protocols and transmit them to the controller. At the same time, through the netiot edge of heyouxun, you can choose web server, OPC UA or mqtt to obtain all device data transmitted to the cloud server. At present, the netiot edge cloud gateway of heyouxun supports the connection to IBM's bluemix cloud server, and then supports the connection to sap Hana and Microsoft azure cloud server because we can meet the various needs of customers

the IOT communication solution of heyouxun includes: netiot interface embedded module, which obtains the data in the last mile of user equipment; Netiot edge cloud gateway, building a bridge between automation network and cloud server; Netiot service cloud communication value-added service helps users design automation equipment and increase industrial cloud communication functions

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