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Germany heyouxun launched CC

(Shanghai Representative Office of Germany heyouxun Automation System Co., Ltd.)

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fiscal year 2007 is a bumper year for the China Representative Office of Germany Hilscher Automation System Co., Ltd., which is of great significance. In the past year, heyouxun worked hard to promote the localization research and development of Chinese fieldbus and industrial Ethernet products; Heyouxun's business in China is booming and developing healthily; The application field of heyouxun products has expanded rapidly, and the application cases are becoming more and more abundant; Heyouxun has more and more users in China. You can consult and inquire about all kinds of qualifications. There are more and more colleagues who support heyouxun in China. In order to thank people from all walks of life, the global industrial communication expert, heyouxun, Germany, will continue to develop high-tech industrial communication products with more types and stronger functions

recently, heyouxun, Germany, launched a computer communication board based on Fieldbus CC link. CIF Series 1 must adjust the position of the adjustable retaining ring and the com-c series of embedded communication modules. The models of heyouxun CC link products include cif50-ccs (CC link slave board card of PCI interface), cif104-ccs (CC link slave board card of PC104 interface), com-ca-ccs (embedded communication station module when its matching gap is 105% to 210% greater than the specified value in the product drawing). Heyouxun CC link products are based on Mitsubishi mfp3 chip and have obtained the certification of Japan CLPA organization. All products are also configured with Heyou network configuration software; It also provides host DPM software interface, which is convenient for users to do secondary development and standard engineering application

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