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With the rapid development of food science and technology, Germany has continuously strengthened the research and development of food preservation packaging technology in recent years, actively adopted various technical measures for food preservation, and achieved certain results

in Germany, the preservation of food is very scientific and reasonable. Whether it is meat, fish, vegetables, melons and fruits, from the origin or processing plant to the point of sale, as long as they enter the circulation field, these foods can be arbitrarily conditioned, the accuracy: better than the indicated value ±, the main motor source: 0.7kw, AC220V ±, the host experimental stroke 800mm, the host weight, LCD display content: experimental force, displacement, peak value of experimental force The running state is always running in a channel of the cold chain that meets the quality assurance requirements of the product. Large refrigerated refrigerated transport vehicles shuttle on the intercontinental highways in Europe, responsible for the connection between the origin, processing plants and sales points. There is a fully automated banana ripening system in the wholesale market in dortmont. Bananas are semi ripe when they are shipped from Africa to the wholesale market by rail. The wholesale market carries out post ripening processing according to the order needs of customers and retailers. In this set of temperature control after ripening equipment, in addition to temperature control, there is gas ripening agent. The after ripening period is divided into 3 ~ 7 days, and the after ripening period is completely controlled in the hands of wholesalers

in the cold storage and fresh-keeping warehouse, all adopt the air-cooled type. If the fan is lowered under the control of the computer, the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 7million tons a year, and the storage temperature can be saved. Leafy vegetables can be stored for 2-5 days in this kind of cold storage. Vacuum or gas containing packaging is widely used in meat packaging. German meat packaging, gas preservation packaging machine speed is very fast. Compared with vacuum fresh-keeping packaging, aerated fresh-keeping packaging is obviously superior to vacuum packaging in terms of color, exudate, etc. Advanced food preservation packaging technology is extremely beneficial to the market demand of dispensing food for various uses

recently, there are many kinds of food fresh-keeping packaging in Germany, which are scientific and reasonable. For example: melon and fruit packaging, vegetable packaging, as long as the tubers are not easy to crush, they are packed in small bags (woven with plastic wires); Fragile products, such as melons and fruits, are packed in cardboard boxes with good air permeability; For meat, there are frozen, vacuum and gas containing packaging forms. In the audenburg meat processing plant, raw meat is packed in a large refrigerated vacuum bag every 500 kg, with a large plastic turnover box outside

in supermarkets and stores, cooked products are sliced and vacuum packed or inflatable packed. Leafy vegetables are generally stacked in parallel in turnover boxes, and a small amount of products are packed in boxes, but the boxed products have good air permeability and no obvious condensation. In the dortmont wholesale market, vegetables, fresh fish and meat are stored in a good cold storage environment. After the vegetables are cleaned and processed at the origin, they are stored in boxes in plastic insulated plastic boxes with ice cubes according to the implementation of the "1025" plan

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