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German gaobao's latest technology continues to create printing value with the growth of Chinese printing

the 2011 German gaobao's latest technology tour seminar started from Tianjin and ended smoothly in Taipei after passing through Xi'an, Jinan, Chengdu, Changsha and Dongguan. So far, German gaobao has held five consecutive Technology Tour seminars in China, reaching as many as 17 cities, covering almost all provinces in China, from developed printing technology From South China and East China with strong foundation to the rising stars and the southwest and northwest regions with rapid development, gaobao's excellent technology and long history are impressive. At the same time, the enthusiasm of printing enterprises in the place where the seminar was held and the full support of local associations made gaobao see the desire of China's printing industry for new technologies and huge market potential. At the same time, it firmly believed that building a platform for the latest technology tour seminar would certainly help more Chinese enterprises broaden their horizons and master more advanced printing technologies

gaobao's latest technology tour seminar Xi'an station is extremely popular

gaobao market with its own characteristics

this is largely due to too many projects launched in the past. The six cities selected for the annual seminar differ in printing scale and development. Recently, in addition, during the field investigation and visit of gaobao user factories, it can be seen that gaobao equipment covers many fields, It can meet various requirements of customers for printing. Tianjin and Shandong mainly focus on food packaging and medicine packaging, but due to the lack of high-end equipment, the high-end packaging market flows more to other places. However, with the rapid development of gaobao in recent years, many enterprises began to get familiar with and carry out in-depth cooperation with gaobao, and gradually developed their own characteristics through technology introduction. The western market represented by Xi'an is not only smaller than that of the south in terms of the total printing market, but also in a relatively backward stage in terms of infrastructure and capital. In recent years, thanks to policy support, it has gradually begun to improve, which has been significantly improved in terms of configuration, and is not even inferior to southern enterprises in terms of technology. In Changsha, gaobao showed its technical advantages in the field of 3D printing, solved the technical problems of stereoscopic printing through technical improvement, and impressed the delegates with its powerful and flexible technology. In general, gaobao is in a leading position in the field of packaging and even large-scale printing, especially for users who produce high-end packaging products with higher quality requirements, almost all choose gaobao brand

new technology is remarkable

with the increasingly vigorous development of digital printing, printing digitalization has changed printing, and the diversification of media communication has also made traditional printing encounter unprecedented impact. Of course, from the digital point of view, the market share of traditional printing is still far greater than that of digital printing, and with the help of digital technology, traditional printing has been made faster and more environmentally friendly. The popularization of CTP and the continuous digitalization of printing and post press equipment operating systems have greatly saved manpower and improved product quality. It is not difficult to see that the combination of traditional printing and digitalization is the general trend and more in line with the needs of the market

under such a market background, the combination of digital inkjet technology and traditional offset printing first introduced by gaobao gives a boost to the Chinese market. As we all know, since April 1, 2011, the state has implemented electronic supervision on all 307 kinds of essential drugs. For drug package printing enterprises, printing and packaging must also be equipped with a spray printing system. However, in the drug regulatory code printing market, there are problems such as low equipment stability, low production speed and high production cost. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this is undoubtedly another headache investment. The online technology of digital inkjet and offset printing launched by gaobao in cooperation with Atalanta Zeiss undoubtedly provides more choices for enterprises in need. It is believed that in the future, this new technology will really settle in the Chinese market, so that the printing of regulatory code and packaging production can be carried out simultaneously

the overall development trend of gaobao China

in recent years, gaobao has made good achievements in all regions of China, and has achieved sustained growth in terms of the number of contracts and unit installations. The central and western regions, which were relatively backward in the past, also showed a strong momentum of development. From the history of printing development in China, the southeast coastal area was the first to accept new technology, and the printing output, technical level, talent reserve and financing capacity are at the leading level. In terms of sales of gaobao, it is also in line with this trend. In 2011, the development speed of gaobao in South China slowed down. On the one hand, due to the slowdown of global economic development, the outsourcing business was restricted. On the other hand, gaobao developed rapidly in the past two years. Many enterprises have just bought new equipment and have no plans to increase it. Therefore, compared with the same period last year, the overall sales in South China are lower than that in the same period last year, but the overall level, such as the market demand for high-end packaging and personalized products, is still strong. Thanks to the guidance and support of national policies, the western region has developed rapidly, which is one of the reasons why gaobao's latest technology seminar has been held in western cities for two consecutive years. With the inward migration of enterprises in coastal areas, the sense of crisis of local enterprises has also been virtually increased, laying an objective environment for rapid development. Although the overall level is still backward, it also has its own advantages. In the early stage of development, at least in terms of technology and equipment configuration, it has been synchronized with developed areas of printing, and it is almost the same in terms of quality. Through years of development and changes in the industry, the continued downturn in books, periodicals and commercial printing has also allowed emerging western enterprises to better choose the direction suitable for their own development. Behind the rapid development of gaobao, it is not difficult to see that the packaging field with high profit margin is most favored by local enterprises. Of course, limited financing channels, high capital pressure and the overall economic environment have restricted the development of printing enterprises to varying degrees. However, from the perspective of the installation of new equipment and the overall development, it is a period of obvious rise, and the development potential is very broad

from gaobao's entry into China to the seminars held in the past five years, it is not difficult to find that the history of gaobao's rapid development is also a stage of continuous improvement of China's printing technology. The seminar ranges from simple technical lectures to field visits with equipment; From the promotion of existing technology to the imagination of future technology; From the widespread application of high-end equipment to the realization of conceptual technology, not only the content is becoming richer and richer, but also the use of this platform enables Chinese users to truly understand the world's advanced printing technology, helping enterprises and even China's printing industry improve production efficiency and printing quality and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

gaobao company is very excited to see that the advanced concepts planted for many years are now blooming everywhere. Whether it is the economic crisis or entering China late, it has not become a stumbling block to rapid development. It has absorbed the opinions of all parties with an open mind, and has always spared no effort to promote new technologies, so that today's gaobao has reaped friendship, trust and achievements. For a very young enterprise developing in China, gaobao will still use various forms to carry out extensive cooperation with all walks of life, and continue to work with Chinese printing enterprises to create more value for China's printing industry and even the world's printing industry

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