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The German government claims to be ready to invest 3.5 billion euros in the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

according to economic news, recently, at an automobile summit jointly held by the German government and the automobile industry, the German government said it was ready to invest 3.5 billion euros in the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and reached an agreement with automobile enterprises, announcing that mobile phones are now essential for the people, and 50000 charging piles will be built in China in the next three years

in addition, in line with the previously issued climate protection plan 2 and just like the current situation 1 030, the German government also plans to build 1million charging piles in the territory by 2030. Both sides agreed that expanding the construction of charging infrastructure is the fundamental to popularize electric vehicles and promote the transformation of German automobile industry

in order to achieve the goal, the German Ministry of transport issued the corresponding charging infrastructure construction planning rules at the end of this year, including financing, organization and implementation

the German government plans to build 1000 fast charging points and more charging facilities in business districts, public parking lots and other locations to stimulate the consumption of electric vehicles in the short term. In addition, German car companies will build a total of 15000 charging facilities in their plant areas and 4S stores; The German government also plans to install charging facilities at all gas stations

in addition to increasing infrastructure construction, increasing car purchase subsidies is also an important means to promote the development of new energy vehicles. Not long ago, the German government announced that with the continuous enhancement of human awareness of environmental protection, it plans to increase the subsidy amount of electric vehicles or hybrid models by 50%, up to 6000 euros per vehicle. Half of the subsidy may be borne by the OEM, dealers, etc., and the other half by the German government

according to the calculation, the number of electric vehicles that can enjoy this subsidy will reach 650000 to 720000 Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ 40 ℃ million vehicles, the total subsidy may be as high as 4billion euros. After 2020, European emission standards will become more and more stringent, and major car companies are trying to increase the sales of electric vehicles

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