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Heyouxun, Germany, sincerely invites you to participate in the summit forum "the 13th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition and the 13th China International sensor, testing and measurement Exhibition" held at the same time of the 2009 IAC exhibition, which will be held in the evening of March 12, Beijing time, Shanghai optics Convention and Exhibition Center on June, 2009, hosted by the Chinese society of automation The Fourth academic activity of the "new development of system and control technology" series of the simultaneous Summit Forum hosted by the instrument and device Professional Committee focused on "application progress of industrial communication networks and automation systems"

heyouxun, Germany, was invited to participate and made a report entitled "diagnosis and analysis of real-time industrial Ethernet", Heyouxun will be widely "It is the China Academy of Railway Sciences and Huafeng new material company that lead the project. The large automation users bring the latest real-time industrial Ethernet technology and the latest real-time industrial Ethernet analysis suite of heyouxun. The report will build a complete network communication platform around heyouxun real-time industrial Ethernet analysis suite, and conduct in-depth analysis and research on network performance parameters such as time jitter and network delay of real-time industrial Ethernet, which is helpful to various practical applications Product development, product performance testing and teaching research of shiether

conference theme: application progress of industrial communication networks and automation systems

conference time: 9:15 ~ 16:30 on June 3

conference address: 1 set of travel protection switches on Caobao Road 68, Guangyun 1 # conference hall on the first floor of Shanghai Everbright International Hotel, No. 6

mode of transportation: Subway Line 1 to Caobao Road station, get off and walk west along Caobao road for about 200 meters

heyouxun company of Germany sincerely invites you to attend this summit forum, Conduct on-site communication

Shanghai Representative Office of Hilscher Automation System Co., Ltd.

May 2009

therefore, it is necessary to clarify the direction of further development of the non-ferrous metal industry

the schedule of the summit forum is attached as follows:

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