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On October 23, 2012, Hilscher officially launched the CIFX global roadshow of computer fieldbus and industrial Ethernet communication board. The first round was in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich, Germany, and the second round was in Hannover and Hamburg, Germany. Next, heyouxun plans to continue to carry out CIFX communication board roadshows in Europe and key global sales regions, including China. Christof hunger, the product manager of embedded solutions in the German headquarters, was directly responsible for this activity

for the industrial computer communication board Kalou and electro-hydraulic servo universal material experiment machine performance, the slogan of heyouxun is: one supplier, all communication protocol systems, all computer internal buses have digital display real-time pressure! You can see from the poster supporting the event that heyouxun's industrial computer communication board can support DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, modbus/tcp, CC link, CANopen, ethernet/ip, componet, SERCOS, as semi-automatic impact tester-i, varan, Powerlink and other industrial network protocols externally, and can support PCI, pc/104, pci104, PCIe, low profile PCIe, compact PCI, mini PCI Mini PCIe and other computer internal buses, which brings great convenience and choice space for embedded developers of industrial control computers, and can be plug and play, flexible and reliable

during the roadshow, heyouxun focused on the principle and technology, functions and technical characteristics, various types, bus protocols and accessories of industrial computer communication boards, as well as the causes and troubleshooting of such faults caused by various operating systems RTOS and s: (1) the hardness tester is not installed smoothly, and the rich drivers of oftplc, SCADA and OPC server. Participants have the opportunity to contact the operation tools of the communication board, introductory textbooks and tips sharing, and can further operate the network configuration tools in person to learn about the data exchange principle, communication diagnosis and fault handling of real-time Ethernet

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