The hottest German guests visit Shenyang Rio Tinto

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German guests visit Shenyang Rio Tinto on November 6, 2008, Mr. frankbahr, general manager of Germany Bahr company, and stefanmeistrell, sales director Mr. Li and his party visited Shenyang Rio Tinto Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd

Germany Bahr company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing, R & D and sales of linear motion units. The company has sales networks all over the world, with nearly 20 agents all over the world. The products are used in electronics, automobile, military products, steel, aircraft, medical equipment manufacturing and other fields

Shenyang Rio Tinto Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. formally obtained the qualification of China general agent of German Bahr linear motion system in 2004. Our company introduces advanced German technology, relies on the advantages of Bahr's robot positioning system, and combines practice to design and produce a full series of rectangular coordinate robots for Chinese users. "Concentrate on making robots" is our company's consistent philosophy

the visit of the general manager and sales director of Bahr in Germany at the invitation of fast curing speed is not only an affirmation and support for our work, but also a rare opportunity for further technical exchange and cooperation between the two sides, as well as deeper communication and discussion of cooperation methods

During the visit, Mr. Yang Shubin, the general manager of the company, introduced in detail the development plan of Shenyang Rio Tinto Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. and the promotion of Bahr products in the Chinese market to the German guests, and introduced and prospected the next market promotion plan of our company and the promotion prospect of Bahr products in the Chinese market

during the visit, the sales director of Bahr company StefanMe@4 Place the prepared sample between the upper/lower pressure plates for testing; Mr. istrell introduced to us in detail the products and services of Bahr company, as well as the next overseas promotion plan and new agent policy of Bahr company. Mr. Stefan also conducted corresponding technical training for our employees, and answered and adopted some technical problems and reasonable suggestions raised by everyone one by one. The negotiation has been carried out in a friendly and happy atmosphere

during the meeting, Mr. frankbahr, general manager of Bahr company, gave our company a high degree of determination and evaluation. He said that Shenyang Rio Tinto has leapt to the top five in the global agents of Bahr in Germany. And there is a downward trend in the raw material industry to improve, occupying the top three. They were surprised by the rapid development speed of Shenyang Rio Tinto. China has a broad market space. Shenyang Rio Tinto has the ability to develop and manage this market, and Bahr will also give greater support and help to Shenyang Rio Tinto. Speaking of the ongoing Shanghai Industrial Expo, Mr. frankbahr, who just returned from the exhibition, put forward many good suggestions for our company's exhibition, and showed that Bahr company would spare no effort to support Shenyang Rio Tinto company to participate in such publicity activities in the future, expand the influence of Bahr products in the field of industrial machinery and human beings, and further expand the market. Mr. frankbahr also cordially invited Mr. Yang Shubin, the general manager of the company, to visit Germany next year. Mr. Yang happily accepted Frank's invitation

during the visit of German guests, accompanied by Mr. Yang Shubin, the general manager of the company, frankbahr and stefanmeistrell Mr. Zhang also visited several important customers of our company in Shanghai and Shenyang successively. These customers are the leaders in their respective industries and the first users and beneficiaries of Bahr products. The use of Bahr products has improved the technical content and technical indicators of their products, greatly reduced the R & D and manufacturing cycle of products, and gained the first opportunity in the fierce market competition. The German guests carefully visited the customer's factory and equipment, and put forward reasonable technical suggestions on the use of Bahr products on the customer's equipment. The visit of the German guests strengthened the customer's confidence in cooperation with our company

Shenyang Rio Tinto has won the recognition of Chinese customers and the trust of German partners with its unique business philosophy. We believe that in the fierce competition, reliable product quality, and the pollution of plastic granulator to the environment are also quite serious. Good pre-sales and after-sales service are the foundation of our victory. Cooperation originates from understanding and trust. The cooperation between Shenyang Rio Tinto and Bahr is a successful epitome of the cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises

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