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In order to ensure the power supply during the Olympic Games, the Ministry of people's armed forces of Taiyuan Jiancaoping actively organized the Taiyuan No. 2 power plant militia to participate in the activities of creating a safe Olympic Games with excellent performance, effectiveness and durability

the people's Armed Forces Department of Jiancaoping organized manpower to inform everyone in detail about some technical parameters produced by Xunji Nanxin period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. in the plant area of the second power plant. The Luo route and duty points were comprehensively surveyed, and the specific plans for troop deployment, patrol duty and key areas were drawn up. Organize the militia to carry out 24-hour patrol on key areas and key targets in the plant, and actively assist and cooperate with the Public Security Department of the power plant to crack down on various criminal activities endangering the safety of power supply. Since the main function: to conduct metal Charpy impact experiments, 15 suspect have been arrested and detained since the start of the Olympic security action, which has effectively maintained the production order in the plant area, ensured the normal operation of power facilities, and made outstanding contributions to the safe power supply during the Olympic Games

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