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The implementation case of ENOVIA SmarTeam in Jiangjin turbocharger factory

the leading large-scale turbocharger manufacturer in China

Jiangjin turbocharger factory is subordinate to China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation. With a history of more than 40 years, it is currently a professional exhaust turbocharger manufacturer with large scale and advanced process equipment in China. The factory has a research and development team with strong technical force, a skilled talent team, and a batch of high-efficiency and high-precision high-tech equipment. It has scientific research and production means such as black casting, precision casting, heat treatment, machining, testing, physical and chemical tests, assembly and commissioning. The supercharger produced by the factory has been widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, railway, fishery, energy mining, mineral development, engineering mining, automobile and other industries. 17 series are available in bulk. More than 70 models of superchargers can match all types of diesel engines, with output and product quality. The products are highly competitive in similar markets in the international market Especially in the field of domestic large-scale superchargers, it has occupied a leading position for a long time, and in recent years, its market share has remained at about 50%

choose ENOVIA SmarTeam to improve the management level of design and R & D data

under the emerging new market opportunities, Jiangjin people are not satisfied with occupying the existing market, but accelerate the adjustment of factory industrial structure and form a diversified development pattern based on specialty. Strive to form a supercharger product series with independent intellectual property rights. In addition to meeting the requirements of the supercharger for the development of ship power, we will further expand the product development field of the factory

on the one hand, only taking the lead in the large turbocharger market can no longer meet the strong desire of Jiangjin turbocharger factory to continue to grow. The factory leaders and technicians put forward the requirements to step into the broader market of small turbocharger, diesel engine accessories and so on: on the other hand, although the factory has introduced ABB's world-class manufacturing technology for a long time However, in order to further expand and strengthen the enterprise, it is always an unavoidable direction to improve the independent research and development system and develop its own brand. Up to 2003, the whole machine development of Jiangjin supercharger factory has achieved three-dimensional digital design. When considering how to improve the enterprise's manufacturing informatization ability next, Jiangjin people decided to introduce advanced POM system to centralize and optimize the management of all design data of products

at that time, the traditional product design management process was still used in Jiangjin supercharger factory, and there were many objective problems to be solved. The most troublesome one was the serious management risk brought by the safety of engineers' personal computers to the technical achievements. "We have suffered a great loss in this regard. There have also been technical materials hard designed by R & D personnel, which have all been lost due to the damage of the hard disk. The lack of a perfect data management platform and encryption has doubled or tripled the R & D time of the product." Tao Kejian, Secretary of the Party committee, said

in addition, the existing dozens of versions of design drawings cannot be used quickly and accurately by engineers; The data of different systems are confused and distorted after repeated access; It is difficult to accurately synchronize and control the engineering modification and use, and there are often some unnecessary omissions; Limited by the means of transmission, the information transmission between different departments cannot be carried out smoothly... All these problems together make the whole design and R & D platform sometimes look like a mess, once there is a data deviation. It is also unable to find out the root cause of the problem in time

the lack of data management has become a short board to improve the overall design and R & D level! Based on this situation, Jiangjin turbocharger factory decided to implement PDM system to manage and control enterprise design activities and design results. In the investigation of various POM systems at home and abroad, the ENOVIA SmarTeam of Dassault systems attracted the attention of Jiangjin turbocharger factory

"as a leading manufacturer in the industry with a long history, we are very cautious about the choice of the system. There are not a few PDM systems that have been considered before and after, and the advantages of ENOVIA SmarTeam in two aspects finally make us unable to give up." xiongguide, director of the information Department of Jiangjin turbocharger factory, said, "First of all, Dassault systems has advanced technology in the industry. After long-term application, the functions of ENOVIA smartteam have been quite mature and complete, which can fully meet the requirements of our factory in data management; secondly, we think the implementation and operation of etvovia smartteam are simple and flexible, and it is easy for engineering and technical personnel to master. It can be said that compared with similar products, ENOVIA smartteam not only has high cost performance, but also is Best for us. "

from a simple data management system to an enterprise wide intelligent management platform

careful selection is precisely for the smooth use in the future. The "dual advantages" of ENOVIA SmarTeam, which is valued by Jiangjin turbocharger factory, are finally fully reflected in the implementation process. "In just three months, enonia smartteam has completed the full implementation in our factory, and I also participated in the early training. I feel that the system is indeed very convenient, practical and easy to use. The operation is also very simple." Director xiongguide said, "Next, in the process of use, our technicians are closely related to product quality and personal safety. We deeply realize that Dassault systems has a thorough analysis of our specific needs, and the services are all to the point; the ENOVIA smartteam system itself has a very rich product modules, most of which can be directly applied without customization; in addition, we also thank the implementation consulting team of ENOVIA smartteam, who provide all-round and high-quality services The strong support enables us to cultivate our own PDM technical team while skillfully operating the PDM system. "

using the intelligent management and powerful browsing and processing capabilities of ENOVIA smattateam for multicad, ECAD and all product data, the design platform of Jiangjin supercharger factory has realized a fast and simple retrieval method and effective safety management control, as well as the seamless two-way integration of the application software on the platform. The data security has been ensured; the version management of documents is orderly and accurate. At this time, the factory leaders and technicians are not satisfied with the existing Instead, it recognizes that ENOVIA SmarTeam can not only be a PDM system for R & D departments, but also its various product modules can help improve engineering collaboration capabilities, and even become a comprehensive PLM system for managing the entire enterprise production chain

"For example, if an enterprise wants to successfully deploy ERP, it must first manage the technical data well. The technical data is not managed well, and it is all messy to get on ERP. After this step is straightened out, the integration opportunity of PDM system and ERP system will naturally form."

enonia smartteam can realize the rapid synchronization of data exchange between design and manufacturing, and provide security. They studied the use of these models, and the adjacent layers are pulled to the opposite direction Direction of the strength of nanocomposites, a unified collaborative environment. The engineering process is optimized. At the same time, it promotes the collaboration between departments and provides data access support and standardized document management for all departments, For these collaborative forces of enonia SmarTeam Secretary Tao Kejian said, "from CAD to ERP, if these application software systems are compared to pearls in the industrial chain, the synergy of ENOVIA SmarTeam is like the silk thread that connects the necklace. With it, the efficiency of each independent link can be combined into the overall efficiency. At the same time, it also completes the transformation from a simple research and development platform PDM system to the entire enterprise PLM system."

from 3 years to 11 months, intelligent management comprehensively promoted the ability of independent development

after the deployment of ENOVIA SmarTeam, Jiangjin supercharger factory soon saw a return

"For the first time, we applied ENOVIA smartteam completely to the supercharger design and manufacturing process, which gave everyone a surprise. From the absence of a drawing to the finished product off the production line, the whole process took only 11 months, and it was a successful assembly and commissioning, and the technicians were happy. This was unimaginable before, and I estimated that the whole process of the same product would take at least 3 years. It can be said that enonia smartteam helped me They reduce repetitive work, reduce error rate, cost and manufacturing process time. "Secretary Tao Kejian said," the substantial improvement of production efficiency enables technicians to devote more energy to how to improve product quality and technical level, which promotes the ability of independent development. This experience is still often mentioned by people in Jiangjin. Because it sets us a perfect example of improving efficiency. At a time when we urgently need to improve our independent research and development capabilities, it gives great confidence to the employees of multinational companies across the country who have changed from the original single product manufacturer. "

through the application of ENOVIA SmarTeam system in Jiangjin supercharger plant in recent years, the management of enterprise technical activities has been straightened out, the design process has been standardized, and the processing of data has been standardized. It has laid a management foundation for the development of the enterprise and improved the management level. It has become an enterprise with the highest informatization level in the whole industry. Through the deployment of ENOVIA SmarTeam, Jiangjin turbocharger factory has put into operation three series of self-developed superchargers, and has also achieved gratifying results in the field of diesel engine parts, with a market share of 60% - 70%. This is called "another take-off in the new century" by Jiangjin

nowadays, Jiangjin supercharger factory still hasn't stopped the intelligence related to ENOVIA SmarTeam. With the progress of society and the continuous development of modern industry, the factory is using PDM system to build its own product design knowledge database for knowledge sharing. "An enterprise's informatization construction is not to pursue fashion, nor is it because of external requirements, but to deploy and implement practical systems according to its own real needs. The previous selection should be cautious, and after it is selected, it should firmly organize forces to implement, so as to see the real results." Tao Kejian said. (end)

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