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At present, Beijing Unicom has supported several call center professional workplaces in the urban and suburban areas of Beijing. The seating capacity of customer-oriented call centers is about 10000, and the workplace area is more than 100000 square meters. At present, Beijing Unicom is still expanding. All workplaces are constructed according to or with reference to telecom grade buildings, using two-way mains power, equipped with UPS power supply and oil machine backup, and complete office and living supporting facilities

customers can choose according to their business operation needs. The specific services include:

providing one-stop customized services including computer room space, platform software and hardware system, IVR resources, network relay, access number resources, seat facilities, operation and maintenance, etc

the scope of exhibition includes seats, seat terminals, seat supporting software and related facilities and services

provide platform construction, call access, operation and maintenance and other functional services for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators

provide inbound and outbound comprehensive information services according to customer needs

in terms of workplace layout, personalized landscapes can be arranged according to customers' needs

workplace distribution of call center:

● workplace on Jinbao Street:

number of seats: 490

geographical location: located in the workplace on Jinbao Street in No. 71 courtyard, lumicang Hutong, East Second Ring Road, Dongcheng District, adjacent to Wangfujing, Jinbao Street and other prosperous business areas, with convenient transportation

area and facilities: the building has a construction area of 6400 square meters and is divided into four floors of telephone rooms, with 492 seats. Quan pushed the ruling concept from "management" to "governance". The Ministry carried out construction in accordance with the building standards of the telecommunications machine room, and its infrastructure reached the level of telecommunications grade buildings. There is a small dedicated parking lot in the office area, and the first floor of the building is the staff changing room and the check-in room; The second floor is the office area and training area of the whole building, with offices. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors are respectively equipped with four large rooms that can accommodate more than 100 seats. At the same time, in order to avoid the interference of each floor, there is an exclusive rest area for employees on each floor

customer service: once served in the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Spectator Service Center. The experimental instrument used to think of microcomputer, servo Electromechanical, ball screw loading, 12345 mayor of Beijing, and currently serves the call center of Air China and other projects

● Andingmen workplace

number of seats: 412

geographical location: the workplace is located in the residential building area at No. A5, beiluogu lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing, close to the second ring road. It is very convenient to arrive by bus and subway, 500m away from bus 44, te12, 909 and subway line 2

area and facilities: the construction area of available seats in Andingmen workplace is 1200 square meters, and there are 412 seats now. And the size of the telephone room varies from small to small, which can meet various needs of customers. The surrounding environment of the workplace is beautiful and safe, and the geographical location advantage is particularly prominent. It is located in the residential building area (Andingmen workplace), and its safety is guaranteed

serving customers: serving projects such as China Radio and television

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