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Enlightenment from the victory of the final determination of chloroform anti-dumping

on December 1, the Ministry of Commerce announced that there was dumping of imported chloroform originating in the European Union, South Korea, the United States and India, and China's chloroform industry suffered substantial damage, and there was a causal relationship between dumping and substantial damage. From now on, import operators shall pay anti-dumping duties at the tax rate (ranging from 32% to 96%) determined by the final determination when importing the products under investigation for a period of five years

according to relevant insiders, after the filing and preliminary determination of chloroform, the market has changed from the previous downturn and sluggish production and marketing situation, and the price has risen from more than 3000 yuan/ton far below the cost line to 6500 yuan/ton. After the final determination of chloroform, the market price became more stable

people who have experienced this anti-dumping case say that this result is hard won

an official of the Ministry of Commerce who participated in the investigation of this case told that this case is the most complex case in the domestic anti-dumping case, and has encountered many "first times": for the first time, there was strong opposition from downstream industries; For the first time, a lawyer was hired in the downstream industry; Organize upstream and downstream enterprises to coordinate for the first time; It is the first time to encounter legal issues of public interest

in addition to the normal legal procedures and investigation and evidence collection, this anti-dumping case also faces many complex tasks: lifting the pendulum to the pre lifting angle position. The main reason is that the downstream enterprises are very concentrated, and most of them are private enterprises in more developed regions. For a long time, the price of raw materials has been relatively low. Anti dumping makes the price of raw materials rise, which is difficult for them to accept, so they unite to resist. The Ministry of Commerce has held consultations with upstream and downstream enterprises for many times, organized face-to-face communication between upstream and downstream enterprises, and finally organized hearings with relevant stakeholders to listen to the defendant's request for price commitment

Zigong Honghe chemical group played a great role in the victory of chloroform anti-dumping. As foreign manufacturers focus on dumping in China, in recent years, the sales of foreign chloroform in China have increased at a rate of 30% - 40%, which has seriously impacted the normal development of domestic industry. Smaller methane chloride enterprises in Tianjin, Shandong and other places have been forced to stop production, and leading enterprises such as Zigong Honghe Group and Zhejiang Juhua are struggling. Since March, 2002, Honghe Group has collected a large amount of information about the production capacity, price, income, import situation and domestic market changes of major dumping dealers through customs, and analyzed the relevant data. In March, 2003, Honghua, together with Zhejiang Juhua, formally applied to the Ministry of Commerce (then the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation) for anti-dumping of imported chloroform originating in the European Union, South Korea, the United States and India, and entrusted Beijing Tianlu law firm with full authority to handle it. Over the past year, Honghe Group has also closely cooperated with the Ministry of Commerce in the field investigation and evidence collection of dumping, dumping margin, damage and degree of damage

previously, Honghe Group also promoted the country to stop importing carbon tetrachloride from April 1, 2001; Initiated the anti-dumping complaint against dichloromethane, and won the final verdict in June 2002; The "double halving" policy of importing dichloromethane in border trade was cancelled since June 1 last year

the modern civilization of human beings in China's petroleum and chemical industry can be said to be based on fossil energy. The association, China Chlor Alkali Association and methane chloride professional committee also communicated with the Ministry of Commerce on behalf of enterprises and coordinated with downstream enterprises, and put forward the 12 character policy of "caring for downstream, stabilizing the market and seeking common development", implementing stable supply prices for downstream enterprises and focusing on the needs of downstream enterprises. Because downstream enterprises are the market basis of upstream products, only through joint and coordinated development can we achieve a win-win situation

the progress and final victory of the anti-dumping work of dichloromethane and chloroform have won a good market order and environment for China's methane chloride market. Honghe Group has used the loan from the Spanish government to introduce international advanced technology and devices, and has built a 50000 ton/year methyl chloride device for the raw material route of methanol method. Now it is in full production, and its products have reached the international advanced level. It is expected that the product revenue this year will reach 300million yuan, three times that of 1997, and the profit will be more than 50million yuan. At present, we also use and digest the technology of American Wenshi company, and invest 200million yuan to build a new methanol methane chloride production unit with an annual output of 50000 tons, which is expected to be officially put into operation in the third quarter of 2005. After all the units are completed and put into operation, the production capacity of methane chloride will reach 200000 tons/year, and the annual sales revenue will reach 800million ~ 1billion yuan

2 - pressing depth under the total experimental force f0+f1; At the same time, the main production enterprises of methane chloride in China have grown from less than 3 to 6 now; The production capacity of a single household has grown from less than 50000 tons/year to nearly 200000 tons/year now; The total capacity of methane chloride plants in China has grown from less than 200000 tons/year in 2000 to nearly 600000 tons/year in 2004; The total output increased from 147000 tons in 2000 to 460000 tons in 2004, the highest level in history, and is still developing rapidly. It is estimated that by 2006, the capacity of methane chloride plants in China will reach 1million tons, exceeding the level of developed countries

relevant experts remind that domestic enterprises should improve their awareness of safeguarding their rights, learn and master the relevant 'rules of the game', actively defend their legitimate rights and interests with the ideological weapons of adhering to the promotion of Hong Kong, industry and city by law, and implement self-help for damage; We should establish and improve the industrial early warning mechanism, strengthen information collection and improve the prevention ability; Mobilize and unite the main forces in the industry to form a joint force and win the support of industry associations; Select experienced legal service intermediaries as full agents. It is particularly important to deal with the interests of upstream and downstream industries and strive for the understanding and support of downstream industries

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