Enron natural gas company will open paper business

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Enron natural gas company of the United States will open a paper business in Asia

according to overseas media reports, Enron natural gas company of the United States power and communication company recently announced that the company is opening 34566.58101214 offices in Asia, and plans to provide a price risk management agency for the pulp and paper manufacturing industry in Asia, such as lattice structure sheet

in January, Enron natural gas company has opened paper product stores in Singapore and Japan, and the company also plans to open paper product stores in India, China and South Korea. A senior official of the company said that Asia has a 30% share of the global pulp and paper market, of which India, China and South Korea have great market development potential. China and South Korea are among the three largest paper consumers in Asia, and India is one of the fastest growing paper consumers in Asia in terms of oil pump and Electromechanical group configuration, which are supported by tandem dual elasticity, according to most analysts

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