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Enlightenment of the merger of CNR and CNR on the energy equipment industry

on April 3, the major asset restructuring of the merger of CNR and CNR was unconditionally approved by the CSRC, and on the same day, it passed the business concentration antitrust review of the Anti Monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of commerce, which means that the merger of CNR and CNR completed the last two review and approval procedures. In addition, it has been previously approved by the SASAC and approved by their respective general meetings of shareholders, and the preliminary work of the merger of CNR has been basically completed

high speed rail is expected to promote international production capacity cooperation, promote the export of advantageous production capacity, and speed up the deployment of domestic equipment to the sea. However, for a long time, in the domestic project bidding and overseas business development, the two brothers of CSR and CNR have a narrow path, and a frontal confrontation is inevitable. However, the competition in the market is accompanied by vicious competition means such as price reduction, especially the fight on overseas projects, which has damaged the national interests to a certain extent

the purpose of the merger of the North South Railway is to solve the vicious competition between the two rail transit equipment giants, strengthen the complementary exchange of technologies, improve the processing and operation efficiency of enterprises near the construction site, reduce procurement costs, reduce internal friction, and accelerate China's high-speed rail to sea

although the merger of the two rail transit equipment giants has little to do with the energy equipment industry, as a sample of the 700000 T/a coal to olefin new material demonstration project of the central equipment manufacturing enterprise merging Shenhua Ningmei Saudi Basic Industry Company under the new normal, which is located in zone a of the coal chemical industry base of Ningxia Ningdong energy and chemical industry base, it has brought some inspiration to the energy equipment industry

first, how to solve the low price competition. Although the low price competition in the energy equipment industry is rarely reported by the media, it has actually reached the point where people are bored but have to do it. Taking power generation equipment as an example, Dongdian, Harbin electric power and Shangdian all claim to occupy 1/3 of the domestic market share, and the market share is basically equal

whenever there is a new project bidding, the three driving forces rush forward. In order to win the bid successfully, the eight immortals cross the sea and show their magic powers. The biggest bargaining chip is to lower the price; In international projects, it is even more fierce, competing for orders at the cost of constantly reducing profit margins or even zero profits

the situation of low price competition in the energy equipment industry is roughly the same as that of CNR at the beginning. However, it can be predicted that CNR will remarry this time, forming a whole interest and properly solving the problem of low-cost competition. Is this a reference for the energy equipment industry, especially the three driving forces

second, how to attack high-end products. The root of low price competition is the high homogeneity of products. Whether it is the three major driving forces or other fields, repetitive capacity is common, both you and I, forming a vicious cycle of excessive competition, low price and low quality, which makes the structural contradiction between insufficient high-end capacity and excess medium and low-end capacity, in addition to requiring higher wear resistance and thermal performance, more and more intense

after the merger of North South railway vehicles, CRRC will form a super giant of rail transit equipment. CRRC will not be satisfied with the development of harmony EMU, and will rely on the joint force formed by the merger of North South railway vehicles to tackle plateau, cold and heavy-duty locomotives

in contrast to the energy equipment industry, due to the lack of industry super giants, some high-end products are unable to tackle key problems autonomously. Taking gas turbine as an example, the development of gas turbine requires extraordinary capital, manpower and technology, and there is little hope of relying on several scattered enterprises to fight on their own. Even through industrial alliances and other forms of cooperation, enterprises will be difficult to think and work together because they are worried about the ownership of intellectual property rights and the distribution of later market interests. At this moment, the advantages of CRRC mode will leap into the eyes

third, new thinking on the reform of state-owned assets. Industrial monopoly will inevitably lead to R & D inertia, and appropriate market competition is very necessary. In the pattern of central enterprises, it is not uncommon for two to play chess and three pillars to compete. In the energy equipment industry, Harbin Electric Power Co., Ltd. is located in the north, Dongdian Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Shangdian Electric Power Co., Ltd. are located in the south to integrate the requirements of the majority of users for products, including the first heavy industry in the north, the second heavy industry in the south, China coal equipment in the north and zhengmeiji in the south

if it is said that the purpose of playing chess and three pillars is to give play to the market competitive advantage and drive industrial progress, then when the industry develops to a certain stage, this pattern has become a hindrance to industrial upgrading. The current situation of industrial development can be tested. Up to now, breakthroughs have been made in all the fields that the energy equipment industry can break through, but some fields are difficult to break through. The reason is that the enterprises in the industry have fallen into the quagmire of product homogenization and low price competition, and there is a trend of getting deeper and deeper, so they are unable to take into account others

the merger of CNR and CSR is a new trend in the reform of state-owned assets, that is, to establish super large enterprises, effectively resolve internal strife, concentrate on overcoming high-end problems, and unite with the outside world. The author believes that the current situation of the energy equipment industry, especially the power generation equipment industry, also needs a super joint force to resolve the deep-seated contradictions accumulated over the years, but this joint force should not be a government led matchmaking, but a market led free marriage

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